Eat Like a New Yorker: What's the Best Burger in New York? October 25 2017

Every carnivorous New Yorker has their favorite burger.  Everyone has their favorites.  Fights have and will continue to happen whenever this discussion comes up.  But there is one place that isn’t talked about as often that may just be better than the rest…Shush…It’s a secret.

Some burger joints are classic, some are gourmet, others trendy, heck, some people swear by their favorite fast food option. You will often hear the names Corner Bistro, Five Napkin Burger, Island Burgers, anything from April Broomfield’s restaurants (and her lamb burger from the Breslin could possibly take first place overall, but this judgement call is based on traditional beef burgers), Shake Shack,  JG Mellon, the Spaniard, Whitmans (Go Minnesota! The Juicy Lucy is pretty awesome), Grindhaus, The Happiest Hour, Five Guys, P.J. Clarke’s, Minetta and more. These are all good and worth trying, but the humble bacon cheeseburger from Harriet’s Kitchen may be the best.

Harriet’s Kitchen?  Never heard of it, well mostly only people on the Upper West Side, and those brought into the fold know this gem.  One would have thought that the arrival of Shake Shack would have disrupted things, and maybe it did, but true burger lovers know where it’s at.

The Grilled 8 oz. Applewood Smoked Bacon Cheeseburger at Harriet’s Kitchen runs about $12 and it comes with a sesame seed bun, well-cooked juicy burger to your liking, sautéed onions (yum), cheese of your choice, but traditional American is really good, and tomatoes, lettuce and fresh onions too.  Condiments are on the side, but they will give you mustard, mayo and ketchup if you ask them.

Know that eating at Harriet’s Kitchen may be a challenge.  The space is small.  There are around six table set ups there.  However, you can easily take them with you.  Grab the burger of your dreams, go to a park or find an appropriate bench, eat and enjoy the day, as well as the knowledge that you may have just experienced the best burger in NYC.

Harriet's Kitchen has from the Hudson River to CPW, From 66th St to 100th St. 502 Amsterdam Ave., New York City, NY 10024 check out their website here