Eat Like a New Yorker: Get Your Cheese Fix at Murray's Cheese Shop October 09 2017

8Murray's Cheese Valentine's Day

For many people, cheese is considered to be a perfect food. The varieties of cheese are vast and include cheddar, brie, feta, Camembert, Manchego, Fontina, gouda, Havarti, ricotta, mozzarella and so many more. They come in different textures and flavors and hail from every corner of the world. New York staple Murray’s Cheese Shop is one of the best places to go to get your cheese, or even specialty foods such as candies, cured meats and other delicacies fix.  Not only is Murray's Cheese shop one of the best things to eat in New York City it is also one of the best things to do in NYC. 

Since 1940, Murray’s Cheese, with the flagship located in Greenwich Village (254 Bleecker St., between 6TH & 7TH Ave.) has been supplying New Yorkers with the best and most interesting cheeses available from all around the world. In 2000, a second location opened in Grand Central Market in NYC’s Grand Central Terminal. In 2012, they added a restaurant to bring cheesy goodness to the masses. And as of 2017, there are more than 350 locations that sell Murray’s Cheese across the United States.

While visiting their robust cheese counter is always experience, thanks to their friendly and knowledgeable staff. The cheese moves quickly, so nothing is on the shelf too long. Murray’s sells baskets and gift sets for every occasion and has special features based on holidays and location. Their Valentine’s Day box and their Irish and Dolce Vita (Italian Cheese and specialty foods) are especially good, but the MVP may be the best.

However, Murray’s offer something that other respected cheese mongers in NYC do not have: in-person or web cheese classes. Their Cheese 101 is especially magical. Here’s what Murray’s says about this class opportunity:

“For the first time ever, we are thrilled to offer the deliciously informative fun of our Cheese 101 Class in the comfort of your own home! Just like in class, our Cheese 101 at Home includes a random selection of five cheese selected by our expert cheese mongers. The monger-selection will represent all the styles of cheese you'll be learning about. Our apologies in advance, but the selection cannot be customized.

You will receive one cheese from all five categories below:

1. Bloomy Rind: Fromager D'Affinois • Chèvre D'Aregental • Moses Sleeper • Bonne Bouche
2. Washed Rind: Taleggio • Dorset • Epoisses • Greensward
3. Cheddar Cheese:Cabot Clothbound • Flory's Truckle • Montgomery's • Bleu Mont
4. Alpine Cheese: Comté • Pyrénées Brebis • Challerhocker • Pleasant Ridge Reserve
5. Blue Cheese: Fourme D'Ambert • Roquefort • Stilton • Bayley Hazen.”

Yes, you can order a class, receive a box of high quality cheeses of different flavors and from different, yet compatible regions, gather a group of friends or even choose not to share and have a wonderful time.

And, if a class isn’t your thing, go to the shop, taste a few varieties, find something you love, get a baguette and have an impromptu snack, before going on one of the awesome tours available from New York NightLife.

Learn more about Murray’s Cheese Shop here.

[Featured and additional images by Murray's Cheese Shop]