Beat the Chill with the Best Hot Chocolate in New York City at Jacques Torres October 16 2017

8Best Hot Chocolate in New York City

With the temperatures dropping, the popularity of hot beverages sky rockets.  Every coffee shop has a version of hot chocolate that may do in a pinch, but if you are in New York, you need to plan a destination trip to experience some of the best hot chocolate in the world by world famous chocolatier Jacques Torres

Jacques Torres is actually called “Mr. Chocolate” and is considered to be one of the world’s biggest authorities of chocolate.  In fact, he was the first artisan chocolatier to start from cocoa beans to make his own chocolate. This is one of the reasons why his hot chocolate is so much better than the other options out there.

There are two options that you can try depending on your flavor preference:  Classic and their signature Wicked Hot Chocolate.  The consistency of these decadent beverages is similar to hot melted pudding.  With the addition of their fresh whipped cream, you have an experience that will not soon be forgotten.  This hot chocolate coats the tongue and just makes you feel so good.

Now the Classic hot chocolate is rich, chocolaty goodness.  It is sweet, but not cloyingly so, but they have something special for those with an adventurous palate: Wicked Hot Chocolate.


What is Wicked Hot Chocolate?  This proprietary blend of 60-70 percent dark chocolate is mixed with allspice, cinnamon, ground ancho chili peppers, and smoked, ground chipotle chili peppers for that perfect kick.

 While you are at the chocolate shop, you might want to indulge in one or more of their many confections.  The Jacques Torres truffles are especially popular.


If you fall in love with these items and don’t know how you will live without them, you are in luck as they sell mixes and chocolates that you can take with you. 

There are multiple locations for your chocolate drinking pleasure.  The flagship store, Jacques Torres Chocolate, is located in downtown New York City on 350 Hudson Street. Find the location nearest here.

[Featured and additional images from Mr. Chocolate, Jacques Torres]