Valentine's Day on Times Square February 08 2015



New Yorkers don’t really think of Times Square as a romantic place but for Valentine’s Day 2015 they might reconsider.

A Brooklyn-based architecture company, Stereotank, was announced as the winner of the annual Times Square Valentine Heart Design contest, a yearly competition to design a Valentine's Day sculpture. Stereotank’s HEARTBEAT installation is an interactive, pulsating, glowing urban drum as shown above.


According to the design site Bustler it is:  

"... a massive heart glowing to the rhythm of a strong, deep and low frequency heartbeat sound which changes its rate as visitors approach, move around and engage with it by playing various percussion instruments and joining the base rhythm of the heartbeat. The audience is invited to come together and creatively play, listen, dance and feel the vibrations of the heart while enjoying the warm pulsating light."


In 2014, "The Match-maker" was the winning sculpture: a heart-shaped tangle of tubes. Visitors arranged themselves at twelve points around the heart-shaped sculpture which promised to match New Yorkers by their "zodiac sign".


The romantic installation will open on February 9th and remain on the square for a month in Father Duffy Square, between 46th and 47th Streets.