10 Breathtaking Pictures of NYC From Above December 29 2014


New York is the most famous city of the USA, and Manhattan is the most known part of New York. It all started 1624 when the most profitable land deal in human history was made: the Native Americans "sold" (Indians did not regard land as something to buy and sell, something of wealth. To them, it was just there to use, like the air and waterManna-hata (the island of many hills) for 60 guilders (today value ~ $1000).

Since that time the island has changed dramatically. The city seen from above appears unreal something only imagination can create. After Hong Kong New York City has the second most skyscrapers in the world, 235.  

Present day Manhattan is the most populated island on the planet. The land itself costs about 40 billion US dollars, and the cost of the entire Manhattan, including its real estate, reaches over 3 trillion US dollars.

A fairtale in pictures. 


1. Central Park, the lung of the metropolis surrounded by skyscrapers. 

2. Empire State Building, the iconic and world famous tower. 

3. The Verrazano Bridge, the starting point of NYC marathon.


4. The view from above of one of the most stylish buildings on the planet, The Chrysler Building.

5. Statue of Liberty seen from the air.

6. Midtown and the Times Square area.

7. Downtown and the financial district at night.

8. The UN Plaza and the UN Building.

9. Columbus Circle, one of the very few Grid - System - Surviver

10. The New York Yankees Stadium