1920's and The Great Gatsby Era September 02 2014

great gatsby, leonardo di caprio, prohibiotion 

Everyone is still fascinated with the lifestyle of The Great Gatsby, we expose some of New York City and Long Island sights from the iconic novel. Prohibition is long gone and Art Deco is not fashionable anymore but you are still able to act as if it's the roaring 20s in these New York spots.

1. Campbell Apartment

campbell apartment, new york, prohibition era

The Campbell Apartment in the upper level of Grand Central Terminal. It ain't cheap, nor is it inexpensive, but it will take you back approximately a century and expose you to some of the best people watching in NYC. 

This very chic and sophisticated lounge is the restored private office of early twentieth-century financier John W. Campbell. On weeknights, the 2,000 square foot space is a bit overrun with commuters grabbing a Prohibition Punch before catching the train. It’s more fun to go on the weekends or closer to closing time when you can get a seat and sip your Long Island Ice Tea while you pretend you’re in a Fitzgerald or Hemingway novel.

There is a dress code, no shorts allowed and ties are expected of gentlemen. 


2. The Rose Club

Formerly The Persian Club at The Plaza which was a legendary night club, today the Rose Club NYC brings the past into the present with fantastic cocktails.  

There's just something magical about The Plaza hotel. Its lobby is big, so when searching for The Rose Club, look up and follow the pink light. Colored light fixtures, casting a dim, pink glow, drape the space in a romantic air (we all look better in the low light). Every Wednesday and Thursday night live jazz performed by Kat Gang and Lapis Luna.


3. Jazz Age Lawn Party, Governors Island 

jazz age lawn party, governors island, nyc, new york

Hop a ferry to Governors Island – where you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time when you arrive at this peaceful, green and tiny historic isle only a 10 min boat ride from Manhattan.

Jazz Age Lawn Party is an essential annual summer stop for revelers looking to dance in the open air. Governors Island is the perfect venue to leave the 21st century behind for the delights of the Prohibition-era (including “speakeasy” booze). Dress the part with festive, period-appropriate attire, and come ready to dance at the Jazz Age Lawn Party.


4. The Queensboro Bridge

queensboro bridge, great gatsby, new york, nyc, queens

‘The city seen from the Queensboro Bridge is always the city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world,’ notes narrator Nick Carraway as he and Gatsby cruise from Long Island into Manhattan. You probably won’t have a Rolls Royce to take in the skyline but you can use the walking or bikeing line. 

5. Old Westbury Gardens, Long Island

old westbury gardens, new york, nyc, long island

Just a short ride from New York City on Long Island’s north shore lies a place of uninhibited wealth and opulence immortalized in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book, The Great Gatsby. Many of the mansions on the “Gold Coast,” so-called due to the huge concentration of fortunes here, are known to have inspired the setting in The Great Gatsby, and are open for the public’s perusal and enjoyment.