432 Park Avenue, Among the Clouds August 13 2014



What seems insane, extraordinary, and beyond the scope of reality elsewhere is within arm’s reach in New York City. Not only is it the City that Never Sleeps, it’s the city that never gives up on the impossible dream. 

432 Park Avenue is winning the race to become both New York’s tallest residential building, and the tallest condominium in the western hemisphere. The monumental skyscraper will add not only height, but striking splendor to the world’s most iconic skyline. 



The asking price for all the 104-units in the building (96-story), totals $2.7 billion. The eager buyers have already scooped up one third of the building’s units, spending nearly $1 billion. U.S.-based buyers, not faceless investors, have bought two-thirds of the purchased units, a strong vote of confidence for the building’s charm, apartments start at $7 million and go up to $95 million. 

Amenities incoperate a 75-foot pool, performance space, boardroom, private restaurant, library, billiards room, and children’s playroom—the building has set a new standard for luxury. 

Especially interesting, the private restaurant available only to building residents and their guests. Whether it’s elegant indoor dining under the restaurant’s 15-foot crystal chandeliers, or an evening on the restaurant’s 5,500-square-foot terrace, there’s something for everybody's taste.

432 Park is truly elevating the standard for what it means to live the high life in New York.

 432 park ave, breakfast bar, new york, nyc

dining room, 432 park avenue, new york, nyc