The End of New York August 06 2014


The Manhattan skyline often takes a beating in films, getting destroyed by tsunamis, alien attacks, fires and more. 

Why? Because it's the capital of the world and probably the most amazing city on the planet. Here is a list of movies where New York gets visually torn apart.

The Dark Knight

the dark knight, batman, new york

batman, the dark knight, manhattan bridge, new york


Independence Day

independence day, new york, nyc, skyline

independence day, new york, nyc, movie



armageddon, new york, nyc, movie, film

movie, nyc, new york, empire state building


The Day After Tomorrow

the day after tomorrow, movie, new york

the day after tomorrow, new york, nyc, movie


I Am Legend

new york, new york city, movie

i am legend, new york, new york city