15 Things You Didn't Know About NYC July 27 2014

Here are some funny facts about NYC


#1 A license (medallion) costs $1 Million to run a taxicab.

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#2 The city of New York will pay for a one-way plane ticket for any homeless person if they have a guaranteed place to stay.


#3 Toilet paper was invented by Joseph C. Gayetty in New York, In 1857.


#4 Albert Einstein’s eyeballs are stored in a safe deposit box in the city.


#5 New York was named "New Orange" for over a year.


#6 Many of the city's parks used to be graveyards. There are 20,000 bodies buried in Washington Square Park alone.


#7 40% of the Subway Rails are above ground.

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#8 New York has the largest Puerto Rican population of any city in the world.


#9 UPS, FedEx, and other commercial delivery companies receive up to 7,000 parking tickets a DAY, contributing up to $120 million in revenue for the city of New York.


#10 The Empire State building has its own zip code.


#11 More than three million people visited the Highline Park last year.
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#12 People rode the subways over 1.6 billion times in 2012.


#13 Subway musicians must audition for the honor of playing in New York City’s public transportation systems. 


#14 Five sections of the Berlin Wall have been on display in Paley Park.


#15 There is a birth in New York City every 4.4 minutes.