10 Delightful Proposal Pictures in NYC July 21 2014


If you are thinking about asking the big question “Will You Marry Me?” you might want to consider doing it in New York. There is nothing that cannot be done in NYC which is why it is the perfect place to propose. Remember that your engagement story will be told a lifelong you certainly want to be remembered in a good way. Here are ten great examples and soon we will post the most romantic places in New York. 


Rooftops in New York are always a good idea

New York rooftops


Somewhere on the street in Brooklyn Heights in the middle of the night

Brooklyn Heights


Ice skating ring at the Rockefeller Plaza

Rockefeller Plaza


After a walk on a sunny Sunday afternoon

New York Park


Central Park at night can be incredibly romantic

Central Park at night


On the 'other" side of Hudson or East River with the skyline in the background 

NYC skyline


Bethesda Fountain at the Central Park. There are always a lot of people around.

Bethesda Fountain 


The city lights always create a special atmosphere

city lights


Who would expect that it would happen in New York. She obviously didn't!

New York park proposal


The waterfront with the skyline in the background. Only in "Big Apple" 

New York waterfront