If You Make It Here You Can Make It Anywhere! July 16 2014


New York is legendary, it is the place where things happen. 

Arriving from overseas, one is immediately hit by the mixtures makeup of New York. Other cities are cleaner or more comfortable, but New York is funky, in the original sense of the word – New York smells like sex. 

Therefore artist have always been drawn to New York. Writers, painters, filmmakers or musicians always dreamed about making it in "Big Apple". One them, Isaiah Panther‏, a musician from Brooklyn will tell us his story.  


When and how did you realize that music is your biggest passion?

I've always loved music. When I was a kid I lived in Chicago for a bit and I loved "En vogue" my sister and brothers we would all sing "Hold On to Your Love" to the top of our lungs! When I moved back home to Mississippi and would visit my grandma I would pass the time by putting together Doo-wop groups in the front yard.  So I guess it's kind of always been a love of mine. But I think when I moved to Texas when I was 14 and I started doing hooks for my boys and I wrote my first song that got me hooked.

Why did you decide to move to New York and how did NYC inspire you?

New York was a random surprise for me. I was auditioning in Nebraska for the callbacks for Ragtime and I thought I would audition for a film and television school while I was there and I got accepted!  Once I got to New York I remember my heart racing so fast when we pulled into Port Authority and I saw Times Square , I know sooo cheesy right !? But so true! The electricity and energy was like an injection of inspiration! I had never seen anything like it people expressing themselves , beauty , showmanship , the vulnerability and being in Brooklyn I fell in love. 


What is the craziest story from one of your concerts?

I use to live in a loft space where we had a trapeze and I would perform trapeze acts before I performed! (laughing)  
Then after I was going to perform my first time while playing piano and I was so upset that I couldn't play right while singing that I cried through the song but I wouldn't let myself stop until I finished the song. 


You recently released a single tell us a little more about it?

Your kiss is a celebration of self through disco and funk! It's the feeling of letting go all the pressures and pretenses and enjoying the human emotion of being free in the mind.


What can we expect from you in the future?

There's a video on the Horizon for "Your Kiss" so I'm excited about that and I'm diving more into the world of funk soul and house. I have been writing and working with vocal laying so now is the perfect time for all humans to follow and watch the sound take shape!


You can listen and download "Your Kiss" for free here