Are you looking for paradise? Welcome!! July 15 2014

If you don’t love M&M’s you don’t love life! Because these coloreful button-shaped candies, produced by Mars, each of which has the letter “m” printed in lower case on one side, are pure happiness, for everybody.

The New York City store is within a 24,000-square-foot (2,200 m2), three-level glass box, in Times Square It includes a 50-foot (15 m)-wide, two-story-high, "wall of chocolate", made up of 72 continuous candy-filled tubes.

M&M's World in Times Square is New York City's largest candy store in the world.

1)Yes heaven is for real! 

2) You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?

3) Everybody loves New York! Unless you are from New York.


4) Why do you need a boyfriend if you can have him?

5) Yellow is the new Black

6) Believe or not, I'm the only Statue of Liberty in this city.