A Nutella bar is opening in New York. Discover where! May 09 2014

There are pizzeria, there are wine bars, there are even french fries bars — but the only thing missing in the world of bars is a Nutella bar.

Nutella is  the brand name of hazelnut chocolate spread. Manufactured by the italian company Ferrero, it was introduced to the market in 1964.

 Luckily for the world, their wildest Nutella dreams could be coming to fruition. 

Eataly, a popular spot to indulge in gourmet Italian food, is swapping their wine shop for their new “Nutella Bar” that will serve only the tastiest treats concocted with Nutella: a place that offers an amazing menu of Nutella creations that can only make your life sweeter.

The bar will open on Monday, May 12. Anyone who happens to be around will be able to enjoy slices of bread slathered with Nutella for free.